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Ontario prisoner commits suicide under riot lockdown

August 27, 2009

Warkworth Inmate Found Dead

Mix 97 News – ‎Aug 27, 2009‎

An inmate serving a 3-year sentence for robbery has died at Warkworth Institution. A release issued from the prison says Gregory Kuipers was found in his cell at 2am yesterday morning from an apparent suicide. Staff tried CPR and used a defibrillator but couldn’t revive Kuipers. The Correctional Service of Canada is conducting an investigation. Warkworth remains in a semi-lockdown following a fiery riot over a month ago.


Probe continues into Warkworth Institution riot

Northumberland Today
‎Aug 20, 2009‎

The longest lockdown in history continues at the Warkworth Institution. The cleanup and a probe into a July riot at Warkworth Institution continues, four weeks after an inmate riot damaged parts of the federal facility, sent 13 inmates to the hospital and led to the overdose death of another.

The riot began July 21 when inmates in the recreation area refused to return to their cells at about 9 p. m.

An intense standoff ensued, lasting for about 20 hours.

A fire burned throughout the night and correctional officers, dressed in riot gear, fired teargas in amongst the inmates.

For the first time in Warkworth’s history the Riot Act was used, allowing the institution to use whatever force necessary to regain control.

About 200 of Warkworth’s 579 inmates were involved.

During the riot prisoners gained access to the prison’s narcotics supply in its Health Care Centre.

One inmate died, the result of a suspected drug overdose. Thirteen others were taken to the hospital, and nine of those are suspected of overdosing on narcotics.

Ann Anderson, assistant manager of warden services, said prisoners are still in lockdown, which has been the situation since the riot ended.

That means prisoners eat in their cells, don’t mingle with other prisoners and aren’t allowed visitors.

Inmates are allowed to shower, Anderson said, but showers are done one at a time and are supervised.

Prisoner living units, or cells, have been searched, she said.

“We’re still searching the outside areas.” Anderson said she didn’t know how long the facility

would remain in a lockdown. “We believe the facility is safe and we’re working on

getting back to normal,” she said. Officials are working with staff and union representatives to make sure the facility meets all health and safety standards, she said.

The health centre has been cleaned up and inmates are receiving health care at a triage centre located in another part of the prison.

Anderson said the recreation area, damaged by fire during the riot, would likely need some construction.

She didn’t have an estimate for the damage. All 13 inmates taken to the hospital have returned

to Warkworth, she said.

The cause of the riot is still under investigation, and

Anderson said it’s served as a learning experience for staff.

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